Sunday, 26 January 2014

Learn, Laugh, Love.

It's been a fair old week here at the family HQ. My husband got some new glasses (badly needed), we needed some work done on the car (there, there, wallet), although thankfully the work on the car wasn't as much as I feared. I was laid low on Tuesday by some sort of stomach bug which had me vomiting and generally feeling like a wrung-out rag. Wednesday I did a split shift at work, 9-12, then 5-9pm. It makes for a long day, but it was the option for working around my husband's working hours and making sure my brother, who very kindly agreed to watch them in the afternoon/ evening, didn't have the kids for too long. Thursday was a normal working day, it's also luckily one of my husband's days off. Friday was my birthday.

We still haven't heard anything about a nursery place for the twins, and I'm really hoping we get a clearer picture of whats going on this week. It's been almost 2 months since we spoke to the Health Visitor and she said she would put in the referral. I keep trying to phone the office, but I can never get an answer, and with young kids, finding a time to call when I might actually stand a chance of hearing the other person can be tricky.

Gareth is Mr Kind and Helpful. He puts his dishes in the sink after he's finished eating, asks for things he knows his sister likes (grapes mostly) in order to give them too her, and he's started taking her by the hand and trying to lead her around. There are moments when he tries to wrestle and do rough play with her, and she simply isn't having it, then her indignant squeals could shatter glass. Mostly though, they get on very well, even though they have very different personalities. I love hearing them giggling together, and yesterday I heard Molly tell Gareth 'You are funny!'

Molly. Clever girl, and loves to show it. Counting, recognising written numbers, and being able to say what each one is, even when they're in random order. Colours, shapes, and some letters. She's singing more too, which makes me smile, she sings as she plays.

For all the mess, the whining because there's no peanut butter (or peeba baba, as Gareth calls it), the protests because it's the wrong cup, or bowl. The fights when Molly is playing with a toy which Gareth has been ignoring, and he suddenly decides he NEEDS it NOW. In spite of all that, they set a very good example. Laugh more, play more, give each other little things to brighten the day. Never stop learning, help each other out, but don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Learn, laugh, and love. Kids are pretty smart, aren't they?

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