Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Action First, Feelings Later.

In many ways, I need to act more, and think less. I'm guilty of wallowing in my feelings (usually negative) about certain situations. In most cases, not only is this wallowing selfish, it's also pointless, because A, B, or C still needs to be done, regardless of how I feel about it.

I can't promise to change overnight to a positive attitude, but I can at least make an effort to just get on with things without bitterness or complaint. I can learn that some things we just need to accept (small child wanting to come into bathroom with you) and that however much I might dislike it, saying yes means one less fight in a day.

Maybe being busier will help. There's so much stuff out there telling us 'movement is good for you.' Perhaps that's the key. Action, not dithering. Decisiveness, not pondering. Often I spend time dreading an event, like going to the toddlers group. I convince myself so much that it's going to be awful that the belief is so ingrained, that I wouldn't enjoy it no matter what. Since I've decided that the kids going to a toddlers' group should be a priority, wouldn't it be better to go in with at least a neutral (if not a positive) attitude?

By the same token, I need to start seizing the day more. The kids bring their clothes, shoes and jackets to me straight after breakfast. They look hopeful that we'll go out and do something, even if it's just go to the local playground, or go into the garden. So often, I ignore this silent plea. I dress them, but don't put on their shoes or coats. I dress them, but I stay in my pyjamas, and the day is wasted.

Why? Because I didn't feel like going out? Because there might be Other People at the park? Because it might rain? None of these things are good enough reasons for my children to miss out on these simple joys of childhood. I cannot continue to let my feelings talk me out of doing things. Less selfish wallowing, and more action is required.

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