Monday, 28 January 2013

Getting Ready to Move

I've been neglecting blogging recently, but with very good reason We move into our new house on Friday! So, this is just a quick 'what's been happening' post.

Well, basically, I've been packing boxes, and trying to deal with the usual rigmarole of a house move - phoning various billers and utility providers to register change of address, listing and carrying out (or delegating to DH) basic repairs, trying to work out what we need for the new place (which reminds me, I need to see if the agent will let me in to take some measurements). Trying to figure out what to cook without buying too many groceries, all the usual palaver.

The twins are doing great. Molly is a beauty, and knows it. She's already (at 20 months) tilting her head to one side, batting her eyes at you, and blowing kisses. She loves a cuddle, and will often try to climb into my lap. She also loves fruit, dates are something she particularly enjoys. Her favourite phrase of the moment is 'Oh No!', which she says very dramatically.

Gareth is a total wee guy. He's all messy hair, dirty face (no matter how often you wipe it), trousers falling down, one sock missing, shouting, noisy, rough and tumble, completely adorable boy. He says 'Mmmmmmm!' when he's enjoying something he's eating, is fond of the word No (but says it in a much more matter of fact way than his sister) and can say Hello (although it comes out as Hawo!)

It was my birthday a few days ago. I'm 32. My lovely husband made me a steak dinner (steak was on special offer at the grocery store) and a birthday cake, like he does every year, with a Betty Crocker cake mix. We didn't go out. Between a flare up of his bursitis, and the fact my birthday is a week before pay day in a 5 week month, it just wasn't the right time. I've to pick something nice for my birthday after payday. I wonder if a tin of paint or pair of curtains for the new house counts.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Beginnings.

Hello 2013. What kind of year will you shape up to be? Oh, really? The kind I make you? Good to know.

As a brief aside, super news ended 2012. My husband was granted his permanent residency. He can stay in the UK (hurrah!) and our house move can start progressing (well, as soon as the New Year holiday is over, in Scotland, the 1st AND 2nd of January are holidays).

So, 2012 ended well, and I have high hopes for 2013 being a very good year. We're moving, for a start, which I'm very excited about. I think the extra space will be hugely beneficial to our rest, and our family dynamic. I'm looking forward to decorating our new home, slowly, without pressure, until we can step back, look, smile, and think 'This is our home.'

My husband and I both want to be healthier, and loose some weight. I got the year off to a good start. Green tea, eggs and veggies, and kettlebell. One of my main calorific vices is red wine, and my goal is not to have any until my birthday at the end of the month. Another thing I love is chocolate, but rather than buy bars (I'll likely scoff the lot) or give it up completely (are you mad?) I'll get out the good old fashioned, cocoa powder, heat some milk, and make a delicious warming drink.

There is something though, more important than the eating, the exercising, and the weigh loss goals. I need to have a healthier view of the world, and my place within it. To not automatically see more negatives than positives. I need to seriously limit my footsteps along the path of 'I'm not good enough, I can't do it, I can't be bothered' and turn, and march along 'I'm not perfect, but I'm doing my best, I can do it, and let's try it, maybe it'll be fun. I need to stop living in fear of consequences, and rather live in joyful expectation of possibilities.

So, what kind of year do you hope 2013 will be? What are you prepared to do? What thoughts and behaviours are you willing to let go of, to make it that kind of year?