Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Joys of Home and Garden

Apologies that it's been so long. Our home computer has given up the ghost, so I'm limited as to when I can access a computer. How are you? It's beautiful here. Sunny days, and evening showers.

The twins turned 3 last week. They had a lovely day playing in the garden on their new ride on toys, Molly alternating between her new Snow White dress, and her Fairy Wings, Wand, and Crown. Proudly proclaiming 'I'm a pretty fairy princess, and Garthy's a prince!' Gareth jumping up and down with excitement saying 'Birthday! Party! Cake! Yaaaay!' Molly fussing over her new dolly, and Gareth with his musical tractor (this thing plays Old MacDonald, makes noises for the different animals, has a horn and flashing lights, and goes when you press a button, I'm desperate for a shot of it) Enjoying time with family, and new toys, and all the great things that come with being 3.

We are slowly getting through the transformation of the house and garden into ours. I've painted the front door a cheerful, glossy blue. We (mostly my husband), have painted the hall and dining room. A rich, yellowish cream for the hall, and Magnolia for the dining room. We've stripped wallpaper in the spare room. I've been making my husband laugh with the hours I've spent engrossed in paint charts and home ware magazines (free ones only!) and we're almost agreed on the colours for our living room and bedroom. I love our house, and I do not strive for interior design perfection, but I think a lick of paint, some new curtains, a few cushions go a long way to making you feel truly at home. A nice environment makes you feel better, brighter, prouder, and I know that I am  more able to dispel the Black Dog Days if things are nice. Polished furniture and vacuumed carpets make me smile, although maybe that's because when these things are done, I'm not worried about unannounced visitors.

And I've been busy in the garden, cutting back overgrown Hydrangeas enough that the bed below is exposed, but leaving enough height that it offers some privacy from the neighbours. Turning over and breaking up dirt, pulling up unwanted plants and digging out bulbs. It is satisfying this work, even when my hands cramp, and my back aches. There is pleasure in dispelling the overgrown, and creating a clean slate on which to work. I don't even think of the fact that I've pulled up plants others might find beautiful. I found some of them beautiful too, but like my dad always told me 'A weed is simply a plant that's growing where you don't want it to.' There's freedom in that thinking. My plan is to use borders for vegetables, and containers for flowers. Pretty and practical, and easy to maintain.

I'm a potterer and fidget by nature, and this appeals to me. There is no rush, the house can be dealt with a room at a time. Paint can be changed, sticky hand prints can be cleaned from furniture, carpets can nobly bear the marks of being the indoor playground of rambunctious little people. Gardens can grow with our help, and in spite of it. And the days will pass, and the seasons go round, and whatever they bring, there is joy and beauty to be found at home.