Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Season for Everything.

Everyone knows 2 year olds can be, well, challenging. Having 2 year old twins, well, that's another story. I don't know what's more frustrating, the times when they work together as a team to thwart mummy's every attempt to exert some sort of authority; or the times when they are in full melt down over totally different things, and the only way of deciding who to deal with first is trying to work out from which mouth the most ear-splitting screams are sounding.

Toddlerhood, like any other stage of life, is a season. A gale-force wind, stormy, blow you off your feet one at times, but it's a season.

And like any season, there will be good days and bad, fair days and foul. There will be days of basking in the warm glow of them playing nicely together, eating their dinner without argument, and responding well to requests. There will be the rainy days of not feeling well. There will be the stormy days of spectacular, force-of-nature, temper tantrums. Just like the British weather, the toddler barometer can swing without warning.

It's ok. It's a season, and it changes day by day. Sometimes, you can easily see improvement. Like yesterday, when I walked them to my mum's house 10 minutes away. I took the stroller for back up, but they walked. They came when I told them, they didn't push each other over, no one tried to run off. When I told one to wait, they did. Just a month ago, I attempted a similar jaunt, and they both had a meltdown less than 5 yards from the house.

Frustrating though it is sometimes, when vegetables are pulled out of cupboards, blocks emptied out of boxes, and lipsticks taken from handbags; I try to remember that this is a season, and they're behaving as 2 year olds will. Socks down the toilet, shoes, books, and whatever else is to hand in the bath. It's all part of being 2. Of course it can be incredibly frustrating, but we can no more change the pattern of the seasons of life, than we can change the seasons of weather.

So, I will bask in the sunny days, brace myself against the storms, and enjoy the wild, exhilarating beauty of this season.


  1. This is lovely. You are such a good mum!!

  2. Oh, bless you Amy. I doubt you'd say that if you saw me giving my raucous offspring the 100 yard stare at 4.30 am ;)