Saturday, 14 July 2012

They Like to Move It, Move It.

It's happened. The twins are mobile. Gareth just recently started standing, using the furniture to steady himself, and is starting to tentatively cruise along the sofa. Molly has been standing and cruising for a couple of months, and is now off and walking, chubby little feet firmly planted, and a stance like a gun-slinger in a spaghetti western. I love seeing how proud they are of themselves with all these achievements. They've also started clapping when you say 'clap clap', or go 'Yaaay! Good Job!' Of course, this all means I'm rapidly running out of places where things are out of reach.

I love seeing their likes and personalities'. Gareth loves music, and dances when you put it on. Last week, we took a drive to Largs, and he was bopping away in his car seat to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Molly loves cheese flavoured crackers, and makes a chewing motion when she sees the cracker packet. She's starting trying to brush her hair, and picks up clothes, and puts them over her head, like she's trying to put them on.  She loves laughing at her brother doing silly things, and the more she laughs, the more he does them.

We to, are getting ready for moving. The house will be on the market by the start of August. I'm excited about where this journey will lead us. I'm excited about newness, and paint charts, about setting up a new kitchen, and deciding where furniture will go in each room. I'm excited by the thought of a family table, where meals are eaten, paint is sloshed, and glitter and macaroni are stuck. I'm joyful about the thought of space, and wondering just how the garden will grow, and how the twins will grow in it.