Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gratitude When Feeling Ghastly

The whole family has been laid low by illness. Both my husband and I have taken time off sick from work, and us and the kids haven't really done much of anything. The illness started with vomiting and diarrhoea, progressed to blinding headaches and extreme fatigue, and is now at the stage of The Worst Cold Ever - Nasty cough, I sound like Donald Duck when I talk, and I'm pretty sure with the congestion I have a nose like a prize fighter. My husband has gone into work today, the kids are whiny, I'm not much better, and the house is a total mess. The kids have been sick since last Sunday (grown-ups since Tuesday), and frankly, I'm over it. I'd just like us all to be well, and I'd like a good dose of get-up-and-go.

In the midst of this, though, there is still much to be cheerful about. There's been lots of time for snuggling. The snowdrops are out in the garden. I've realised anew what comfort a clean bed, well-aired room, a bath, and freshly laundered pyjamas can bring. I've realised what a kind boy Gareth is, as he brings his sister grapes to cheer her up when she's teary, or tries to give her a kiss, or brings a blanket each for his daddy and I when asked. Molly might not be as boisterous as Gareth, but she has a big sense of fun, and right now, one of her favourite things is to say 'Bare Scuddy!' and giggle herself silly. The almost enforced rest (honestly, I've needed a lie down after putting on a load of laundry), has been a chance to slow down, and really see how much they're learning every day, and how much they love each other.

There is so much to be grateful for. The 1st of February marked one year in our house - Yay for space, and for the grown ups having a room to themselves. :) We are warm, and have plenty to eat. I have books, and more importantly the ability to read them (ever stopped to think what a blessing that is?). A husband who works hard for us all, and who tells me I'm cute, even when I'm snuffling, my nose is running, and I'm up to my eyes in cold medicine. Family who call to check how we are, and ask if we need anything. Friends, both in real life, and online, who can offer sympathy or the healing power of a good laugh. And best of all, a daddy-God who loves us.

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