Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things I Ought To Do (but never quite get round to)

I am not the most organised or methodical person. I've had to teach myself over the years, and sometimes, good habits fall by the way side. The thing is, I know that by being more organised, I would have far fewer last-minute panics, or evenings sobbing 'I don't know what's for dinner! Stop pressuring me!' and more time for fun stuff.

So, in no particular order, here's a list of Things I Ought to Do (but never quite get round to).

1) Taking stock of the fridge, freezer, and kitchen cupboards - I'd know what we have to work with, and what we need to buy, and wouldn't have 3 bags of green beans, all open, and with varying amounts having been consumed from each bag.

2) Meal plan and make a grocery list. -  I don't always do this, and I don't know why because I love it when I do. I like cooking, but I hate having to think every.single.day. about what's for dinner. Plus, when I meal plan, I spend less, and get through the grocery store much quicker. Win win!

3) Batch cook, and put meals in the freezer - Let's face it, with the best will in the world, when you have kids , things happen. Even if the day has gone smoothly, sometimes you really just can't be bothered cooking something from scratch. Having something in the freezer ready to pop in the oven or crock pot will greatly reduce the need for those last minute emergency pizzas.

4) Have a housework rota - Much better and less stressful to do a wee bit each day, than to leave it all, and have to do it one big disapproving-relative-coming-for-last-minute-visit bout. Besides, the times I'm lax about these things are always the times people just drop by.

5) Get hair cuts more than twice a year - No practical reason really, just might help me feel more like a chic and pulled together mama, and less like a dishevelled old bat.

6) Laying my clothes, and the twins' out the night before - no morning panics, or trying to find clothes in the dark because I don't want to disturb my husband.

7) Take the twins to toddler groups - Fun and games for them, perhaps useful advice from other mums for me.

7) Start the Christmas shopping early - because, frankly, there's never less peace and good will than in the 2 weeks before Christmas.

So, what things do you know would make life easier, but never quite get around to?

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