Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Housewife

I have a confession. I never used to be very houseproud. When I lived alone, it seemed silly to bother about prettifying a house when it was just me. When I got married, my husband moved in to the place I already owned. With both of us working full time, and my husband adjusting to life in a new country, not too much got done then, either. It was pregnancy, and the knowledge that one day we would have to leave our one bedroom flat that spurred us to action. While I was pregnant, and the twins were tiny infants, my lovely hubby (with a little help) redecorated the bedroom, living room, and office. Everything was redone in magnolia, because apparently, neutral is best when it comes to selling a house.

Since having kids though, something seems to have changed within me. I have a longing to make a home, and to make a well-organised, cosy, and pretty one. I want to look at paint charts, finger fabric samples, learn how to sew, find storage solutions that actually work. I want to find lamps that give off a pretty glow, and mugs that make you smile when you look at them.

Many of these things will have to wait until we're settled elsewhere, but there are things I can do here and now. To all intents and purposes, I'm a housewife (I only work 2 days per week), and I've found I like having the time to clean, and think before I go to the supermarket, and having a different day for different tasks. I've also found I feel much better on the days I keep busy than those where I have a slobbing about day and do nothing except take care of the twins.

Not that there's anything wrong with slobbing about occasionally, but really, it's much nicer to do it in a clean and well organised home.

I'm no Stepford Wife. My house is never pristine, my kids are allowed to play, and at any given time you may find toys, stray crumbs, or leaves they have brought from outside decorating the living room floor. My hubby leaves pens, and sheets of sports statistics lying around. I usually have some knitting or crochet, a book, recipes, or some girly lotion or potion lying around. You see, my aim isn't to make a show house, it's to make a home - a home that feels comfortable, and welcoming. A home we can all LIVE in.

When all is said and done, I want our home to feel like a hug.

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  1. "I want our home to feel like a hug!" i love that so much I am going to steal it!