Sunday, 22 January 2012

Time to do...what?

Being a mummy of twins is joyful, fun, love-filled, hectic, and at times, bloomin' hard work. A trip to the grocery store becomes like a military operation. Even a simple walk is only embarked upon when everyone has been fed, changed, and dressed. Some days, it's a toss up between cleaning some part of the house or cleaning me.

I'm very lucky in that my family live very near by, and I know that if the weather is atrocious, or I just want to get there and back quickly, someone will watch the twins while I nip to the shops. I'm blessed to have a husband who will do the same, and who will watch them for longer stretches to let me get out of the house.

Here's the thing though. When I do get time to myself, I feel bad about using it to do anything relaxing, or frivolous. I end up using that time to run errands, or pick up groceries, or stuff we need for the twins.

I think part of the problem, is that I don't plan what I want to do. Another is that hubby is usually off at the weekend, when everything is mobbed. Going anywhere noisy and crowded does not relax or rejuvinate me. I would return irritable and stressed, not refreshed and calmed. That's no use to anyone.

In the mean time, any and all suggestions are welcome. What do YOU do with your 'me' time? If you're like me, and end up running errands, have a think. What would you LIKE to do? (No, it's not silly) Thought of something? Great! Now go and have fun. We all need and deserve it.

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