Thursday, 2 January 2014

Trying to Start the Year Right

Well, here we are, a whole 2 days into 2014. It's stopped lashing rain and blowing a gale here in the not-s0-sunny West of Scotland, so the start of 2014 is already better than the end of 2013.

I  decided to start the exercise part of my new years resolution a few days before the end of last year. I've been doing some sort of physical activity every day apart from one. Sometimes it's just trundling away on the exercise bike while I say a rosary, but I suppose something is always better than nothing. Exercising in front of the twins isn't as bad as I thought. The only problem is when they want to be so close to the pedals of the bike they're in danger of being hit by them, or when they think of a list of things mummy must do/fetch/fix/or put in a different bowl or cup 7 times in the space of about 20 minutes. They've also stopped napping consistently (sob) so I do need to get used to exercising with them around.

The healthy eating is fair to middling. Like the exercise it's about learning new habits, and re-learning positive old ones that fell by the way side. It's about realising that it doesn't take much longer to chop a few veggies for a salad, than it does to make some toast and slather it with butter.

I'm trying to make myself eat well, and do some exercise, regardless of how I feel emotionally. Like this morning. Both kids woke up through the night, and while Molly settled in next to my husband, Gareth was President of the Wide Awake Club from 1am until around 4.30am. When I got up, I was tired, but I made myself get on the exercise bike and then prepare a healthy breakfast.

And now, it's 2pm, a time when not so long ago the kids would be napping, and if I was tired I could rest my eyes for a spell too. The twins will also be up later than usual, since we need to go and pick my husband up from the train station at 8.30. It's going to be a long afternoon, so the smartest thing to do would be to find something useful to do.

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