Saturday, 25 February 2012

Where Have All the Good Socks Gone?

Socks are my nemesis. Not just any socks, baby socks. I'm convinced there is a sock-monster somewhere, trying to drive me crazy.

I have twins, so that's twice as many socks to put on feet, and twice as many socks to go missing. I'm convinced I put more socks in the laundry, than come out at the other end.

Socks are one of the biggest cause of delay when it comes to getting out the house. Yep, that's right, I'm slowed down by socks.

I often clothe my baby girl in skirts and dresses, the main reason being, because then I can put her in tights. Pain in the neck to get on, but once they're on, she can't get them off! Ha! One down.

The baby boy is another matter, he hates having socks on, and pulls them off at the first opportunity. I can put socks on him, followed by his coat, and by the time the coat is on, he's either pulled off or wiggled his feet out of the socks. I tend to put him in the stroller first, because when I put the baby girl in first, it only gives the boy another opportunity to discard his socks.

He even manages to wiggle out of them in the stroller. I'm forever finding socks stuffed right at the bottom of the foot muff.

You know those mittens that are attached to a piece of yarn? I'm seriously considering doing that with socks. In the mean time, it's on with searching in the toy box, in the dryer, and under the sofa, before figuring that the boy won't be scarred if we put pink socks on him this one time (this week, again).

What are the little things that drive you dotty?

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