Monday, 3 October 2011

Functional, but not fit.

I recently agreed to help out some medical students with a project on family health. They asked about things like 'getting your five a day' (I'll admit I slip up here). Another thing they asked is about doing exercise, now, I'm the first to admit, I'll never be a gym bunny, but I do realise that exercise is important.

As they were scribbling, it hit me - I feel guilty about doing anything that goes beyond the functional. If I can look after my kids, be a good wife, and keep the house clean, anything else is superfluous.

Can health really be boiled down to this basic level? Is this a healthy attitude to health?

I don't think so, I would be heart-broken if when they're older my children ever thought this way.

I'm not quite sure what to do next, perhaps a change of attitude needs to come before a change of behaviour.

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  1. There is such a thing as functional fitness. You can teach your children the importance of activity (versus 'exercise') in a variety of ways, from walking while pushing them in a pram to riding bikes together (when they are older) and playing tag, and ball games (football, baseball, dodgeball, etc.). When they are older, have them help you in the garden (great workout).

    Overall, the goal is health and the ability to do things without getting winded or hurt. The goal isn't "skinny" or 6-pack abs.