Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Go Team!

I am not one of life's natural team players. At university, I avoided any classes which had the description 'group project accounts for X% of final grade.' My thinking was that if I couldn't do something alone, then I was either not meant to do it, or that I was supposed to think of a way to do it without help.

My, how things change.

Having twins is a team game, whether it's one person feeding, while the other drains the potatoes for dinner, or getting a bath ready while someone else gets the kids ready for a bath. Yes, I still can do these things myself, and if hubby is working late, then I will. The difference is that now I don't feel I have to do it myself, and I don't want to.  Whereas in the past I would have felt humiliated about accepting help, now I have no qualms.

Having children has been a huge lesson in humility, and in cooperation. Certain things have become easier to accept, and my attitude is much healthier for it.  That humans are meant to cooperate, to be both supporter and supported at various points in life has become more and more clear, and I'm ok with that.

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