Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Do unto yourself as you would do to Others.

Hello! First of all, did you catch that the quote in the title is the wrong way round? You did, didn't you? Clever wee sausage :) No, I'm not sleep and caffeine deprived. I put it that way deliberately because I want to address the issue of how we treat ourselves, and how we think about ourselves.

I'm a member of a very supportive group of women on FB, and one lady posted an article she found on the dangers of using the word FAT. It explained how when we use words like 'fat', 'ugly' or 'stupid' to describe ourselves, we not only hurt ourselves, we inadvertently hurt those around us. It made me think. We speak to ourselves using language we would never dream of using to someone else. We speak with viciousness, spite, contempt - and the sad thing is, we don't even realise we're doing it. It becomes so normal, that we're desensitized to it.

Even though I've never met the majority of women in the FB group, it saddens me when any of them talk badly of themselves. I'm a mother, and it would break my heart if either of my children spoke or thought about themselves in a doubting or nasty way. Right now they are babies, protected from such thoughts. Thank God.

Speaking of God, he is our loving Father and creator. He loves each and everyone of us. How it must wound God's heart when he hears how we speak and think about ourselves sometimes. That's how much God loves us, that our self doubt, and moaning over weight, or body shape, or skin, WOUNDS GOD'S HEART.

Now, I think most people are pretty nice, and treat others quite well. This is why I think we need to realise and remember how our negative thoughts and speech about ourselves affect and wound others. Maybe thinking about the hurt it can do to others will help stop our self-hating language in it's tracks. From there, perhaps we can all start using language that is more positive, loving, and nurturing. Maybe we can start 'doing to ourselves as we would to do other's.' More love can never be a bad thing, now can it?

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