Sunday, 20 July 2014


I had a job interview on Wednesday, and for once, I left feeling pretty good. I did well in the interview, but, apparently, not quite well enough, because I didn't get the job. It's a disappointment, and quite a big one, but we'll keep soldiering on. So, as much as to keep myself from wallowing, and letting the Black Dog snap at my heels as anything else, I'm going to list some of the many ways I and my family are blessed.

We have a house that's big enough for all of us, the boiler works, the roof doesn't leak, we have running water, and comfortable furniture. We have a table, and plenty of food to put on it.

The kids have plenty of toys to make a mess with, we have DVDs to watch, and books to read. We have plenty of clothes.

We have each other, we have trips to the park, and snuggles on the sofa, and songs to sing, and things to imagine. We have giggles, and tickles, and love, and silliness. We have walks by the river, with boats going by.

We have dinner and togetherness when the kids are in bed, we have turns taken making dinner, and seats on the sofa, and hands resting gently on legs. And kisses.

I have my garden, dirt to dig in, salad to harvest, flowers to smell, stroke, and cut. Plans to make, and seeds to sow.

We have each other, we have family and friends we love and are loved by.

And we have a God who gave us it all.

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