Monday, 3 March 2014

Doing Something Fun

How was your weekend? Gareth loves seeing the trains when we take his daddy to the station, so my husband decided that this weekend we should take the twins on the train. They loved it, and we only went a couple of stops, and then came back. Just long enough for them to get the experience, and no danger of getting bored. It's been so long since I'd got the train anywhere, I'd forgot how much I enjoy it too. Being able to relax, and look at the scenery without worrying about making sure we're going the right way, and how much petrol we have in the car made a very pleasant change. The short journey was also a very scenic one, going along the River Clyde, with the river visible on one side, and fields and trees on the other.

Later, we were planning to go to one of the museums in Glasgow. At first we thought about the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, because it has dinosaurs (raar!) but then we decided it would be nice to keep up the train theme, so elected to visit the Transport Museum by the river, where we could also see the Tall Ship. Unfortunately, Mama (that's me) is a numpty who misplaced her phone, so we couldn't get directions, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what exit to leave the motorway at. In the end, because it was a sunny day, we decided to just come home, and let the kids play at the local swing park.

The kids certainly enjoyed themselves, my husband did, and yes, I did too. If I'm honest though, I really struggle with going into these things with a good attitude. I always feel that there's something more practical I could be doing, and sometimes think in an ideal world, my husband would do the fun stuff with the twins, and I would use that time to get on with household tasks it's difficult to do with 2 little scamps running around. As it is, going out and doing fun things, means having the same chores to do, but a shorter time frame to do them in, and I really have to take care not to get bitter and angry about that. I hate having chores looming over me, but on the otherhand, if we are going to go out, I'd rather go early and get it over with, before wherever we're going is hoaching with people.

I also decided a while ago that I needed to take Molly and Gareth to a toddlers' group regularly. That kind of fell by the wayside in February, because we were all sick. This week though, everyone is healthy, so we'll give it a bash. Again, I have to be careful not to let a bad attitude creep in. I find these things totally intimidating, with their groomed cliques of yummy mummies, and extroverted joining in with the action songs types. But, it's only a couple of hours, and I'm quite capable of sitting in a corner, supervising my children and making sure they behave, and folding my arms and glaring at people for that length of time. Some people say these things are a good way of making friends, but I think to do that, you'd have to go from the time your children were tiny. As it is, I'm content enough to be the twins taxi driver, and make sure they're behaving nicely.

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