Monday, 8 October 2012

Lord, Let Someone Want This House As Their Home.

So, the flat has been on the market for a few weeks now. We've had 3 viewers, and another due this week. When you look and see how many hits the place has had on property websites, it's hard not to get disheartened. Four actual viewings doesn't seem much when so many people have looked at the property online. In saying that though, I'm trying to remember it only takes one person to buy the place, and to stay positive.

With the viewings themselves, it's a hive of activity. It's trying to get things out of sight, and out of reach of the twins. It's swept floors, and a shiny bathroom, and a fresh clean kitchen. It's laundry all put away, and not sitting in the drier. It's getting the kids fed and, if it's an evening viewing, bathed, before the viewers come. It's cleaning, it's tidying, it's wondering how on earth you'll get it all done..

Then you do, and then it's waiting. It's waiting for the people to arrive. It's waiting to try and gauge their reaction to the place as they walk round. After they go, it's waiting to hear from the Estate Agent. Will this be it? Did they like the place? Will they make an offer? It's hard sometimes to keep a balance between being hopeful, and not getting your hopes up.

All I can do is pray, and trust that God's timing is perfect. Things only seem to be taking longer because I am so eager to move, and most of all, because I am deeply tinged with human impatience.


  1. Aw, thanks Amy - I know. I'm just horribly impatient. I'm THAT person, who abandons baskets of shopping in the grocery store if the queue is too long, or not moving fast enough ;)