Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And Now For Our Next Trick...

The twins are now mobile. Not walking, but mobile. Very Mobile.

Before 8.30am, I had to pull an old milk carton off of Gareth - he had pulled it out the trash bag. Gareth thinks the Trash Bag is A Very Fun and Exciting Thing. His preferred way of getting about is rolling, and he does it very quietly. This means looking behind me every time I move, to make sure I'm not about to step on a chublikin.

Molly crawls, and because she puts her hands down with much purpose, she is a little noisier. She also likes to hold on to my trouser leg or robe to steady herself when she stands. Now, whenever I'm in the kitchen - I feel a little tug at my trousers.

Meal times are interesting. I don't have a high chair, so I feed the twins one at at time, holding them on my lap. Trying to hold and feed one baby, while keeping the bowl out of the reach of the other baby requires some skill. A third arm would be very useful.

Up until today, one thing has guaranteed me a bit of peace. Putting one baby in the jumperoo, and one in the baby walker. That came to an end today. I'd put Gareth in the jumperoo, and after a spell of his usual Sailor's Hornpiping, he had a nap (Hurrah!). I put Molly in the walker, on the rug, so she couldn't go anywhere. Like I do every morning, I went to make my breakfast. Put on the milk for the porridge, turned round, thought my eyes were playing tricks on me (I'd only had one cup of coffee).

Molly had climbed out of the baby walker, and was standing next to it. In the 2 minutes it takes to make the oatsosimple, I returned her to the living room rug about 4 times. Miss Molly does like to get about.

Yes, making and eating breakfast without having to move a tot a dozen times would be nice, but it's great to see them come on, and develop, and have fun. As their birthday approaches, I wonder what else my terrific twosome will have managed to get up to in their first year. Whatever happens, life certainly won't be dull.

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