Thursday, 22 December 2011

Festive Fancies.

So, here we are, days away from Christmas. I've still got presents to get, I've not sent a single card, and my home is in no fit state for visitors. What do I do when faced with such stresses?

I stick my head in the oven (figuratively speaking) and bake.

Earlier this week, I decorated the Christmas cake I made in November. Turned out quite well, especially since it was my first time making one. Yesterday I mixed up some sweet shortcrust pastry dough, and out it in the fridge to chill. That was used today to make some mince pies, which turned out really well.

I'd still like to bake some cut out cookies, and maybe come up with some kind of orange and cranberry goodie, but we'll see how things go.

I love baking. I don't bake at this time of year because I feel I have to in the obligated sense of the word. I bake because I feel drawn to it. I bake because it's soothing. Pastry making especially forces you to be calm. Tough handling equals tough pastry, so you move gently, but quickly. You make the dough, then both of you rest. That rest makes sure neither you or the pastry are overstretched. You're both the sweeter for it.

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