Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Treasure of Time.

The twins are 3 months old today. I can hardly believe it, when I look at them, they are so different from the tiny bundles they were in those earliest days. Now, they are little people, with obvious likes and dislikes. Molly enjoys tummy-time, but Gareth isn't as keen. Molly likes it when I sing 'Jesus loves me', Gareth loves 'Horsey, Horsey.' They both smile when I kiss them - so I'm doing a lot of kissing. Laundry and dishes will always be there, but I'll never get this time with these fabulous little people again.

They amaze me. Every day they are learning and developing, and it's a tangible thing. At first they didn't even look a\t the toys on their bouncing chair, now they stare at them. Yesterday Molly started batting at them with her hand, I couldn't have been more proud if I'd been told she'd been accepted at Cambridge. Gareth kicks and waves around. Both of them babble and smile, and I babble and smile right back.

Babies have so much to teach us about what is important. Each day is new with new possibilities,and yesterday is forgotten. They expect love and goodness from people. They smile without hesitation. They never stop learning. It's a fantastic way to be. How much better would the world be if we didn't lose these things?

Of course things change with time, as we go through life we are shaped by circumstances and experiences, we will have more responsibilities, sometimes it feels like we've just got too much on our shoulders. We forget to trust. We forget to find the joy in the every day. We worry unnecessarily

This is when I think we have to remember that we are God's children. He wants us to view every day as a new opportunity. He wants us to be free from the past. He wants us to love, and to expect the best from people. No matter how old we get, he is Abba, our Daddy God, and he loves us. I think that the best we can do in return, is to trust him with a child-like trust.

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